Together for 3 generations

The Carozzi family

For generations, the Carozzi family has been passionately dedicated to creating artisanal cheeses rooted in the deep traditions of Valsassina.
Carozzi cheeses come from the skilled hands of master cheesemaker, Marco Carozzi, who follows with dedication the ancient techniques handed down from generation to generation.
Each cheese is made with care and attention, preserving the distinctive aromas and flavors that characterize Valsassina. Specialties include Taleggio DOP and fine Gorgonzola DOP, authentic symbols of quality and tradition.

Taste and tradition

Da Carozzi – Formaggeria con cucina, is the ideal place to immerse yourself in the rich dairy culture, taste the authentic products of the evergreen Valsassina and be surprised by the creativity of our chefs, Mirko and Davide.
In the “
” adjacent to the dairy you can buy our products directly, taking home a piece of Carozzi Formaggi’s authentic dairy tradition.

Ciurma Carozzi leads the bistro and helps make this place magical.
At the stove, our chefs, Mirko and Davide, passionately direct the kitchen, offering dishes faithful to tradition but with a dash of innovation.

We are waiting for you in Valsassina

The real heart, creamy and stringy, of Valsassina is the Cucina del bistrot Da Carozzi.
Where the cheeses of the Carozzi dairy tradition are made the protagonists of a true tale of taste, without precedent.