Events and proposals

Gourmet Dinners

Exclusive proposals and events where culinary art meets elegance, in a sensory journey through authentic flavors and enveloping aromas of the rich Valsassinese tradition.

At “Da Carozzi,” you will not only have the opportunity to taste a variety of delicious cheeses, but you can also immerse yourself in art exhibitions, fine gourmet dinners and a series of unique events, all designed to celebrate the richness and diversity of our gastronomic and cultural heritage.

Each proposal will be an unforgettable experience, an opportunity to discover and rediscover the pleasures of the table, with culinary proposals that enhance the quality of local products, in an enchanting and refined atmosphere.

Grand Gala of Cheeses, art exhibitions, gourmet dinners and events featuring the flavors and aromas of tradition.

  • La Dolce Vita

  • Champagne & Cheese

  • Champagne & Cheese (Copia)

  • Champagne & Cheese (Copia) (Copia)

  • Champagne & Cheese (Copia) (Copia) (Copia)

Indelible memories

Grand gala 2nd stage (March 23)
Gourmet Dinner (Oct. 22)
Early summer party (Summer 23)

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