Located in the heart of northern Lombardy, Valsassina is a hidden gem that runs parallel to the beautiful eastern branch of Lake Como. Looking to the horizon, the majestic Grigne and the imposing Orobian Pre-Alps tower over this land with their majesty.

The beauty of Valsassina lies in its authenticity. Here, simplicity and authenticity are the elements that run through every corner of the valley.

The paths through this land are a journey through time, where local traditions and love of the land come together in a warm embrace. It is a place where cooking is still an art passed down from generation to generation, and where traditional flavors and aromas come to life every day.

This is where emotions mingle with history, and where every step is a step toward the simplicity, authenticity, and tradition that make this valley a truly extraordinary place.

A valley to experience

In summer, the mountains turn into a sea of lush greenery. The pastures come alive with wildflowers and the scent of fresh grass wafts through the air. It is a paradise for nature lovers. And when winter sets in, the peaks are tinged with white. A blanket of pure snow gently covers the mountains, creating a fairy-tale scenery.

Snow-capped peaks seem to dive straight into the crystal-clear waters of Lake Como, providing postcard views that capture the imagination.

The pastures of the Valleys

Among rolling green slopes and breathtaking scenery lies the secret of our of Italy’s most delicious cheeses. The pastures of the Valsassina are a palette of vibrant colors and enveloping scents. The valley’s fresh air and abundance of fresh grass make this location a paradise for cows. Among the undisputed stars of this natural setting stands the majestic Bruna Alpina, a cattle breed known for its strength, endurance and the extraordinary quality of its milk.

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